Manage, track, approve and process all your Sage 300 Accounts Payable invoices via the web using any computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access…


Reporter provides you with the power to securely run and deliver real-time report information with any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Reporter's powerful scheduling provides the most complete set of features available today. Create schedules including features such as report bursting, dynamic/cascading parameters, access to Office365/Exchange/Google for Business email contact lists/groups, report batching, email templates, distribution to/via email, FTP, local/network drives, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and more. Report output options include PDF, XLS, DOC, HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT and XML


XTEND2WEB tsProtect - XTEND2WEB tsProtect provides an effective solution for protecting your company from unwanted access to exposed data. XTEND2WEB tsProtect allows you to set policy for any number of folder's on your system to manage any file types you'd like. You can decide to have certain files automatically deleted, moved or hidden.

Bring your company into compliance, protect sensitive data and gain the confidence of knowing this exposure is being automatically managed.…


XTEND2WEB SQLfi - XTEND2WEB SQLfi automatically synchronizes your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data folders to Microsoft SQL. With XTEND2WEB SQLfi, you can create any number of schedules against any licensed Sage 300 data folders. Rseplication may be scheduled in a number of different ways; one time, hourly, daily or weekly providing the flexibility to accommodate most needs. The tables included in a schedule may be replicated in one of two ways; full (the entire table with be repopulated each time) or partial (new data and edited data will be updated in the table). A given schedule can contain tables to be partially updated and tables receiving full rewrites. Again, providing as much flexibility as possible for the user.